PEN Canada

PEN Canada is part of an international non-profit organization that works to defend freedom of expression as a basic human right. PEN works on behalf of writers who have been imprisoned or detained for their beliefs. Our inspiration for their new identity came from a bookmark, which is a reminder of the core values of PEN Canada and to the many people who have given so much to defend our right to free expression.

PEN photo

One of our long-standing clients, PEN Canada, co-hosted an event this past weekend at Ryerson University. The event featured a lecture from Zarganar (Muang Thura), one of the best-known political dissidents in Burma (Myanmar). Before Zarganar spoke, Soapbox Design Director Jim Ryce had the opportunity to photograph him. He will be featured in this years PEN Canada Annual Report, our 13 report for PEN Canada. Zarganar has received numerous distinctions for his advocacy, including the One Humanity Award by PEN Canada. Zargarnar was freed this past fall in a general amnesty and he remains very active in the drive for democratic transition in Burma.